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Experience what a full service DJ can do for your event. You provide the guests and we will do the rest. We'll bring the music to keep you dancing all night long and a state of the art digital sound system that is clean and clear (it does make a difference). And of course we'll bring our world class personalities to keep everything moving and to make any announcements throughout the evening. Our DJs will work with you and your guests to play as many requests as possible.

All of our DJs have proven track records and have been DJing for over 3 years at events just like yours. We will always arrive early so the music starts on time. We are professionals, so our equipment, appearance, and performance will reflect this. Requests are not a problem. We also suggest that in addition to your "Must Have" list, that you also create a "Do Not Play" list. A lot of the newer music contains offensive lyrics. When available we will choose to play the "radio safe" version. We are all well versed in the popular styles of music, but we each specialize also. If you know that most of your guests will enjoy a particular style of music, feel free to ask for our specialist in that genre.

We won't try to confuse you like other DJs. We know that most people don't care about the brand name of the equipment we use or how many thousands of songs we bring to each party. All we want you to know is that we will bring the music that people want to hear and play it on a system that will make them want to dance.

If you ever have any questions for us, before you book us, before the event, or even after the event, we are here for you. Our bottom line is customer satisfaction.

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